Use Alfred to remap “iCal” and “Address Book” (or, Stephen Hackett is a genius)

Stehpen Hackett explains how to use Alfred to make a change in Mac OS X less annoying.

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion re-names Address Book to Contacts and iCal to Calendar. That’s fine, but I keep typing “iCal” and “Address Book” into my beloved Alfred. [1. Seriously, I love Alfred. Here’s how I use it every day. Federico Viticci uses it to create logs in Day One. Finally, here’s my TUAW review of version 1.0. It’s only gotten better since. This is not an ad, I just love the app. Go get it.] It’s not the end of the world, but annoying. Fortunately, Stephen has a fix.

He points out that you can use Alfred’s custom keyword mapping to forgive your forgetfulness. Well done.

Update: Thomas Borowski points out that Mountain Lion’s Spotlight does that for you (below).


Big thanks to Agenda ($0.99), this week’s sponsor. Agenda has replaced Apple’s Calendar app on my iPhone, and earned a spot on the home screen. Here’s why I love it, and why you will, too.


Call me fickle, but looks count. Fortunately, Agenda is beautiful. It offers legible black text on a field of white. While other calendar apps get “cutsey,” the folks at savvy apps went in the other, and preferable, direction.


Agenda offers year, month, week, day and event views while the navigation buttons, edit/create button and settings button remain consistent. Color-coded dots identify each event’s parent calendar and nearly everything you’ll want to do can be accomplished with one hand. Heck, with one thumb.

Finally, it works with MobileMe calendar, GCal, Exchange…in fact, it finds and works with whatever calendar you happen to have set up in your iPhone’s Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings.

Go get it!

What are you waiting for? At $0.99, a calendar that looks this good and works this well ought to be on your iPhone.

Don’t let that iPad calendar icon fool you

There’s a story making the rounds this morning about a screenshot in the iOS 4.3 beta build. Specifically, the Springboard preview image shows the Calendar app icon with a number 9 front and center. Some have suggested that it means a February 9th launch announcement [1. Reader James O’Leary notes that 9to5 and others claim the 9th suggests an announcement date, not a launch. Fine. Still, the “9” has been there for a long time and quite likely isn’t meant as a hint.] for iPad 2 (where the February comes from is a mystery).

Don’t get too excited, because that same number 9 can be found on original iPads running the current iOS. Tap Settings, then Brightness & Wallpaper. Two wallpaper thumbnails appear, one of which shows the Calendar icon with a big ‘ol 9. In other words, it’s nothing new.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 shows a 6 on the Calendar icon. Why not obsesses over that?