David Sparks releases Markdown Field Guide

David Sparks over at Macsparky has released another fantastic iPad book. This time it’s Markdown he’s after and the Markdown Field Guide looks like a stellar book on the topic. David co-authored this release with Eddie Smith of Practically Efficient.

I’ve been writing in Markdown for years but I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. I’m eager to have David and Eddie show me the rest. Go and get Markdown from the iBookstore now.

Read and Trust Magazine for October – Productivity

The October issue of Read and Trust Magazine is out now (affiliate link). The topic is productivity, and the contributors are David Sparks, Brett Terpstra, Matt Alexander and David Chartier.  All smart, productive folks. Brett and David recently published 60 Mountain Lion Tips, an ebook on being productive with Apple’s latest operating system.

Full disclosure: I occasionally contribute to Read and Trust Magazine and benefit financially from subscriptions.

Choosing a to-do manager

David Sparks wrote a great article for Macworld about finding the right to-do manager:

“My final advice about choosing and implementing a task management system is to be careful. No other productivity tool enables needless tinkering as effectively as a to-do app. I recommend you pick a task system as sophisticated as you need it to be, but not one bit more complex than that.”

That’s great advice, as someone who’s willing to spend money on task-management software is also likely the same person who’ll succumb to a desire to fiddle. I love OmniFocus, but I also love a simple list on paper.

A big smelly mess of commitments and responsibilities

David Sparks:

“My life is a big smelly mess of commitments and responsibilities that, if not beat down with my GTD club frequently and with great malice, would rise up and smother any remotely creative project out of my life.”

Hear, hear. David (Sparks) was responding to David ‘s (Lee) post expressing frustration with GTD. I’m with Mr. Sparks. Everything I need to do, from edit a chapter to schedule an oil change goes into the same GTD bucket. As long as I sort by context, I’m good.