More on Mac OS X’s Downloads folder

Earlier today I explained why I dislike Mac OS X’s Downloads folder. Several of you wrote to propose solutions. Here are two of the good ones.

Damien at KABIJET recommended the Safari extension Glims which lets you store downloaded files to folders named with the download date. That’s nice, but it means that files are still stored out of sight.

Meanwhile, Connor shared a great suggestion:

“Although you can’t sort [by date downloaded] in the Finder, if you have the Downloads folder as a stack in your Dock, you can sort it by ‘Date Added,’ rather than Date Modified or Date Created.  I’ve got it set up this way, and the newly-downloaded items appear first.”

Very nice, and that’s what I’m going to try. This way I’ll see the downloads folder and be able to search easily when processing. As a bonus, my desktop remains uncluttered.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to reach out to me. Who says I don’t allow comments?