NYT’s brutal review of the Galaxy Note 10

David Pogue was brutal in his review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

“It feels plasticky and insubstantial. The plastic of the back panel is so thin, it could be vinyl; you can feel it flex against the circuit board within. The plastic stylus, which slips into a socket on the lower-right corner, is even airier; it’s so cheap-feeling, it could have fallen out of a cereal box.”


“The handwriting recognition is so half-baked, the oven must not even be warm. You can use it in any app, which is nice. (It’s a choice, alongside Android’s speech recognition, on the on-screen keyboard’s Options button.) But it frequently omits the spaces between words. Worse, there’s no easy way to edit the converted text, even though you’re sitting there with an editor’s pen in your hand. Tapping on the text doesn’t plant the insertion point there — it just makes a dot.”