Jim Dalrymple on the iPhone 5

Jim, writing about the iPhone 5 for The Loop:

” I was able to operate the iPhone 5 with ease using one hand. That means I was able to reach the top of the screen with my thumb, change options and navigate through the screens without having to reach uncomfortably.”

That takes care of my main concern. I recently held a Galaxy Note and was very put off that I couldn’t reach the entire screen with my thumb. Apple was smart to go taller but not wider.

Samsung Galaxy Note Challenge is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

Samsung has released a series of videos promoting its Galaxy Note, the dolphin-sized smartphone that’s meant to challenge Apple’s iPhone. Presumably by smothering it to death.

The spots feature “…an Android user [who had] just a few hours to play with the Samsung Galaxy Note,” a “smartphone user” playing the man-on-the-street role and a facilitator.

The facilitator asks the participants to perform three tasks with their phones. The Android user sails through each one easily while the hapless iPhone user stands gobsmacked and befuddled, which is exactly how I felt while watching this. I could’ve had a V8!

There are four huge lies in this bit, but that’s nothing compared the obvious contempt Samsung has for its potential customers. Let’s take this apart like a bullfrog in biology class.

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