Oh, Gizmodo

When Microsoft announced the Surface tablet this week, I was disappointed to see so many Apple fans bashing the device without having laid a finger on one. It’s embarassing. Even the select journalists who received brief, hands-on demos weren’t permitted to explore the Surface freely. No one has enough information to declare it a success for failure. The bashing was premature to say the least.

Also premature is declaring the iPad obsolete as a result of Microsoft’s announcement. In a post entitled, “Microsoft Surface Just Made the MacBook Air and the iPad Look Obsolete,” Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz has done just that:

“Surface just bumped the MacBook Air and the iPad to the back seat, and it did so by hewing tightly to everything that Apple’s Jonny (sic) Ive holds dear…Microsoft is the underdog and has the freedom that only someone with nothing to lose can afford. I wonder if Apple would be bold and continue to innovate instead of just living from Job’s heritage.”

That’s premature, Jesus. And you spelled “Jony” incorrectly. Embarrassing.

Jesus Diaz’s Mountain Lion review (Update)

Update: Yes, the first sentence reads “Lion” not “Mountain Lion.” I’d swear it said “Mountain Lion” when I first read it. Anyway, post adjusted. Apologies to Diaz.

Jesus Diaz has published his thoughts on Mountain Lion to Gizmodo. It starts:

“Mac OS X Lion seems unpolished and, worse, not innovative.”

Complaining that an early pre-release meant for developers is unfinished. I stopped reading right there.

Still, the theme of Diaz’s post is unchanged:

“For all of Mountain Lion’s good new features—and there are a few—the new OS raises a terrifying brace of thoughts: that Apple has run out of ideas…It just feels like Apple isn’t trying to make things better.”

Again I say, it’s way, way too early to pass judgement on OS X Mountain Lion.

Another failed laser keyboard

Gizmodo, writing about the Celluon Laserkey:

“If it worked as awesome as it sounds, laser keyboards would be a fantastic tool for doing long form writing on a portable device. Particularly when it’s integrated into a $180-$190 iPhone case. But the sad reality is that they’re almost unusable for any kind of real work.”

These things don’t work and nobody wants one. Is it really so difficult to carry a thin, inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard around?