No dissing the HoloLens

Microsoft Windows 10

I know. I want to make fun of them, too.

They’re basically wearing those wrap-around old people sunglasses while doing a Doug Henning impression. THE WOULD OF ILLUSION, THANK YOU. There was a lot of snark on Twitter today regarding Microsoft’s announcement, but it’s unwarranted. Not because HoloLens is the product we all need, but because it’s a step. We’re still in the birthing suite for what will be awesome tech our great grandkids use.

You want to have private time on a Star Trek holodeck, right? Me too. That means we just endure and respect Glass, HoloLens and all of the steps that lie between here and there.

In other words, you don’t get this…


…without this:



Week in review March 12 – 16

iOS Developers Prepare for Retina Display

Apple’s new iPad will be released in the US today, and developers are preparing their apps for its high-resolution display. As of this writing, the folloing apps are ready to look fantastic on Apple’s Retina display, among others:

  1. Tweetbot for iPad
  2. Twitterrific for iPad
  3. NYTimes for iPad
  4. Amazon Kindle for iPad
  5. Evernote
  6. Day One
  7. Star Walk for iPad
  8. The Early Edition 2
  9. Another Monster at the End of This Book
  10. Real Racing 2 HD (as if this gorgeous app could look any better)

iFixit opens the new iPad

The folks at iFixit bought a new iPad in Australia, took it apart and posted beautiful, step-by-step photos of the process.

I met Kyle from iFixit two years ago at Macworld Expo. He’s a stand-up guy and told me about flying to Japan to be the first to get a device (I think it was an iPhone, but I’m not sure). I love people who absolutely adore what they do, no matter what that is. Kyle and his cohorts have that spark, and it’s great.

Now go ogle the iPad’s innards.

USB slingshot for Angry Birds


“The slingshot emulates a USB mouse, so it really is a plug ‘n’ play. It translates the physical use of the slingshot in to appropriate mouse controls. With a real slingshot, you tilt the slingshot and stretch sling. “

Read more for the complete how-to.