Jump to your favorite iCloud web app

Apple’s free iCloud suite of Internet services offers, among other things, browser-based access to your email, contacts, calendar and iWork documents. It’s quite convenient in that you can get at your stuff from almost any Internet-enabled computer. What’s not to love?

What annoys me about the web apps is that it defaults to whichever one you used last. For example, if you browse your contacts and then quit Safari or close that window, the next time you visit iCloud.com you’ll see the contacts app. There’s a simple way around this.

Each app has a unique URL, like icloud.com/#calendar. I simply made a bookmark folder with the three I use most often:

  • icloud.com/#calendar
  • icloud.com/#mail
  • icloud.com/#contact

Now, I just select the app I want to use. It’s an obvious solution for sure, but it’s saving me some time.