iPhone lock screen is “terrible” now

Jonathan S. Geller overreacts at Boy Genius Report:

“Apple, your new lock screen is terrible. It’s great that you want to make the camera even more accessible in iOS 5.1 since a lot of people didn’t know the double-tap trick, but you’ve compromised the usability of something as simple and vital as unlocking a phone. You have altered the iconic slide-to-unlock layout, and there’s no option to disable the new camera shortcut on the lock screen. Visually, an off-center slide-to-unlock mechanism isn’t appealing at all. It’s too narrow for the space and I’ve tapped the camera button by mistake more than a few times trying to unlock the phone.”

I like the ever-present camera button and I’m yet to tap it accidentally. Perhaps we Jonathan and I swipe differently. I agree that there should be an option to disable it, but calling the unlock mechanism “iconic” is a bit much.

Update: Reader Christian notes that Jonathan might have trouble with the placement of the camera button if he’s left-handed. Good point.