Use an iPad 2 with an ADB keyboard


This week I’ve been thinking about using my beloved Apple Extended Keyboard with my iPad. I bought an iPad Camera Connection Kit, hoping it would work with my Griffin iMate. I’m pleased to report that, despite a complaint from the iPad about an “unsupported USB device,” it worked perfectly.

Use an ADB keyboard with an iPad 2 from Dave Caolo on Vimeo.

The video above shows exactly how I put it together, plus a minute of me typing in Notes on the iPad with my old Apple Extended Keyboard. The hardware I used:

  1. Apple Extended Keyboard
  2. ADB cable
  3. Griffin iMate
  4. Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
  5. Apple iPad Dock
  6. iPad 2 (it also worked with an original iPad)

Nirvana. Plus the sight of the sleek iPad behind that battleship of a keyboard is hilarious.

For more fun with the iPad Camera Connection Kit: