Does Apple have a new logo?

A supremely silly post from Jesus Diaz, speculating on the possibility of a new, colorful Apple logo:

“I love the rainbow.


I love unicorns too, their ribeyes and tenderloins specially, rare.

I used to love the old Apple logo and this is like, you know, a modern version.”

I realize you’re trying to be light-hearted and funny, but it didn’t work. Now for my favorite line:

“Tim Cook is gay but gray, he needs all the color he can get.”

Stay classy, Mr. Diaz.

Jesus Diaz’s Mountain Lion review (Update)

Update: Yes, the first sentence reads “Lion” not “Mountain Lion.” I’d swear it said “Mountain Lion” when I first read it. Anyway, post adjusted. Apologies to Diaz.

Jesus Diaz has published his thoughts on Mountain Lion to Gizmodo. It starts:

“Mac OS X Lion seems unpolished and, worse, not innovative.”

Complaining that an early pre-release meant for developers is unfinished. I stopped reading right there.

Still, the theme of Diaz’s post is unchanged:

“For all of Mountain Lion’s good new features—and there are a few—the new OS raises a terrifying brace of thoughts: that Apple has run out of ideas…It just feels like Apple isn’t trying to make things better.”

Again I say, it’s way, way too early to pass judgement on OS X Mountain Lion.