The Productivityist Workbook

My Internet buddy Mike Vardy has written The Productivityist Workbook, and it’s available for pre-order now. Mike is one of those guys I think of as “the real deal.” He’s super smart and actually cares about being productive. Not in a jargon-y kind of way, but in the way that produces results.

I’m quite looking forward to reading the book, which Mike describes thusly:

“The Productivityist Workbook is designed to help you learn valuable strategies and explore tools that will allow you to attack your work and life with a more balanced, efficient, and effective approach.”

Sounds good to me.


Mike Vardy has launched Productivityist, a new site for  the “productivity enthusiast. A productivtyist someone who studies productivity, be it the tools or habits. They dive deeper into the realm than most people.”

Mike’s a smart guy and this is a project I’m eager to follow.