What to expect from iOS 4.2 on the iPad

Now that iOS 4.2’s arrival is imminent, I’ve decided to review some of the major features and remark on what’s notable about each. Specifically, I want to focus on the four biggies: multitasking, folders, AirPrint and AirPlay. Here’s what we can expect from each under iOS 4.2 on the iPad.


Multitasking on the iPad will operate much as it does on the iPhone. Double-tapping the home button will slide the current screen up to reveal the Multitask Bar and its collection of recently-used, iOS 4-compliant apps. Tap any icon to return to that app in the state you last left it.

Notable about multitasking

First, the Multitask Bar displays 6 icons at a time, up from four on the iPhone. Also, WIRED notes that new brightness and volume sliders have been added as well as an AirPlay button. Now you can control a movie that’s being streamed by AirPlay without abandoning that game of Plants Vs. Zombies.

Additionally, there’s a new animation for switching between apps, which you can watch below (note: the iPad in the video was running iOS Beta 2). Previously, the animation resembled Keynote’s swap transition. The new one is a bit different.


This feature lets you group related apps into folders for better organization and less swiping. Frankly, I’m rather looking forward to it.

Notable about folders

On the iPad, you’ll be able to store up to 20 apps in a single folder, as opposed to 12 on the iPhone.

This isn’t a feature as far as I know, but I’d like to see swipe-able pages within a folder. For instance, if I’ve got 25 games installed, I could open the folder and then swipe past the first 20 to access games 21-25. It would also be nice to re-order pages while in “jiggle mode” the way we do apps, but now I’m getting ahead of myself.


Here’s another feature I’m anticipating. I say don’t believe the rumors; AirPrint will have you sending files to printers on the same wireless network as the iPad upon release.

Noteable about AirPrint

Expect several apps, including Apple’s own Pages, to require an update to get AirPrint working. Also, AppleInsider reports that AirPrint will allow printers to send messages to iOS devices, like a request for ink or toner.

If I’m wrong and AirPrint has been completely pulled from Mac OS 10.6.5, here are the technical acrobatics you’ll have to endure to get it working again. Or just wait for an official update from Apple. Either way, really.


This hot new feature will let you stream video, photos and music from an iPad to the current-model Apple TV and stream music to AirPlay-enabled speakers, including those connected to an AirPort Express. Next to multitasking, this is the feature I’m most excited about.

Notable about AirPlay

Download Squad reports that YouTube will have AirPlay support under iOS 4.2. Now I can watch those MST3K clips on the big screen. On the developer end, App Advice found that Apple has implemented AirPlay in their MPMedia Framework, which means that any app that uses Apple’s default media player is AirPlay-enabled. Imagine At Bat clips on your TV. I can’t wait.

There’s more of course, like Game Center support, enhanced Mail and enterprise features, accessibility improvements and so on. But these four features are the marquee items. If all goes to plan, this update will send the iPad through the stratosphere and into a whole new level of usefulness.