Losing hope for The Force Awakens

starAs an unapologetic Star Wars fanboy, I’ve been anticipating the forthcoming movie, The Force Awakens. The first teaser trailer was exciting, and got me enthused for the film. The second teaser was so compelling I went all in, abandoned my hesitation and succumbed to the prospect of this being the Star Wars movie I’ve wanted since 1983.

Today, all of that changed.

Note: the official poster appears after the break. I also discuss the “bad guy.” If you don’t want to see it, don’t click. You have been warned. 

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Joshua Fruhlinger on the dark side of Google Glass

Joshua Fruhlinger, writing for Engadget:

“…we’ve become rude: people check messages in the middle of conversations, get up from dinner tables to take calls and hold their smartphones on their laps to respond to emails below the tablecloth. We’ve become jerks…Do we really want to walk around with HUDs in our eyes? Have we accepted our distractedness to the point that we think it’s okay to check email in the corner of our vision while we pretend to pay attention? Maybe we’re evolving, ultimately capable of doing both. But not yet. In the proposed world of Google Glass, for all we know, our friends could be reading the news the entire time we thought they were hearing our whines for support.”

I agree with every syllable fo Fruhlinger’s essay. As I said in February:

“Don’t we spend enough time staring at tiny screens? Removing the little friction that remains – the four or five seconds it takes to pull a smartphone from a pocket – means the compulsion to record and share every little thing that ever happens will grow, and be met, at an incredible rate. And at what cost?”

It’s impossible to process, reflect upon and learn from input when the input never stops.

I am not a journalist

The Loop has pointed out an interesting legal case that’s currently taking place in New Jersey, involving the definitions of “blogger” and “journalist.”

“A New Jersey Superior Court judge recently ordered a blogger to defend her status as a journalist and explain why the state’s shield law applies to her in order to avoid revealing the names of government officials she accused of wrongdoing.”

For me, the answer is simple. I have no training as a journalist. I did not graduate from journalism school. I do not have a degree in journalism, nor have I ever trained among journalists. Therefore, I am a blogger, not a journalist. Done.

Week in review March 5 – 9

Apple’s Big Week

Phew, what a week. Apple shared several major and minor announcements on March 7, including:

1. A new Apple TV with an updated OS and support for 1080p movies and tighter Netflix integration.
2. A software update for previous-model Apple TVs.
3. iOS 5.1.
4. A new iPad with a Retina display, A5X chipset, and 4G LTE connectivity and voice dictation.
5. Price drop of $100 on the iPad 2.
6. iPhoto for iPad and iPhone 4.
7. Updated Mac apps: iTunes, iPhoto, GarageBand and Xcode.
8. Updated iOS apps: Remote, the iWork Apps, iBooks, Find My iPhone, GarageBand, iMovie.
9. New iOS app iPhoto ($4.99, universal).
10. New Mac app (free) Configurator.
11. Over-the-air App Store download maximum has been bumped to 50 MB.

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