That iPad as US passport story

There’s a story making the rounds this week of a traveler who supposedly crossed the US/Canadian border using a scan of his passport in lieu of the real thing. He had the image in his Dropbox account, and presented it to the border guard on his iPad. US Customs denies the story, but that’s not what I’ve written about here.

In the news report above, CNN reporter Kristin Falcao says, “Although having a scan of your passport on your iPad could make life easier for travelers…”

Easier? Really? Compare the iPad and a paper passport. The iPad is bigger. It’s heavier. It can break. It must be scanned by TSA. It won’t fit in your pocket. It can’t get wet. It requires a bag. It has exhaustible batteries.

Mobile devices are cool and often convenient, but not necessarily easier than everything else just because they’re cool and often convenient. Stop it.