Rego for iPhone, a traveler’s companion

regoforiphoneBig thanks to Rego for iPhone (free for the first 10 places, $2.99 for unlimited use) for sponsoring the site this week. I’ve been using Rego since launch day and it’s earned a spot on my iPhone’s home screen. It lets me create a record of my favorite places, both those I have seen and those I hope to visit someday. With a few taps I can mark it on a map, write some notes, take photos and add useful, searchable categories.

Rego is like a contacts app, but for locations. It has become the place where I store the places I care about. But Rego is more than storage. Before your trip begins, create a new collection and add all the places you want to visit — either by positioning pins on a map, or by searching on names or addresses. Rego searches Apple and Foursquare location databases, and your Contacts. Plan your itinerary by re-centering the map on any pin. For example, set your hotel as the “Active Location” and watch all your places sort by distance to that pin.

While traveling, use Rego to visit the places you planned, and add new places you discover along the way. Rego uses the iPhone’s GPS, so you don’t need Internet coverage to capture new places. Also, in most cases, your maps will have been cached during your planning, so they’ll still be available when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Rego is private by default, but you can selectively choose to share places. This creates a web page for your place on the Rego server, that you can show the world. Other Rego users can directly add that place to their Rego, by visiting the page. I actually like keeping it private, as I use Rego is my personal travel log and wish list.

Don’t take my word for it, Apple loved Rego so much they featured it in the New & Noteworthy list on the App Store home page in 127 countries, and gave it a big banner in the Travel section. It’s truly one of my favorite travel apps.

By the way, see “Catalano’s” in the screen shot above? That’s one of the greatest places on earth, baby.

Here’s how you can sponsor the site. It’s a great month for those with travel apps.

Apple’s share menu in iOS 6 (Update)

Apple enhanced the sharing features with the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. In addition to options like email and text, users can now share with Facebook, Twitter and more, directly from the share menu. It’s very handy but also posted a challenge to developers: how to display every option in a way that’s not cluttered or overwhelming. The team succeeded by replacing the text-based list with a grid of icons.

What’s available varies between applications and scenarios. In this post, I’ll look at the various share menus in iOS 6 and point out the similarities and differences. Let’s get started.

One quick aside first. The glasses depicted in the Add to Reading List button above are consistent with the icon in Safari for Mac. It made me remember that there used to be an icon in iBooks that resembled Steve Jobs’ famous round specs, which is apparently absent in iBooks in iOS 6. Bummer.

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