Chicken Out! is a fun puzzle game for iPhone

Big thanks to Podotree‘s Chicken Out! for iPhone and iPod touch (free) for sponsoring the site this week. I love puzzle games and Chicken Out! had me playing all weekend. Its good looks and simple gameplay make it one of those games you pull out when you’ve got some time to kill.

A Fun Puzzler

You’re presented with a grid and two chickens. Your job is to eliminate all but one by sliding them into each other. Chickens can only side left-to-right and top-to-bottom (no diagonal slides allowed). Plus, each chicken can only be moved once.

The first few rounds are simple but eventually the number of chickens increases and careful planning is required. Play long enough and unlock special chickens like the wrestler who hurls chickens and lands a square ahead of the others. Each has a signature move that clears out the chickens but also adds a unique challenge. Get really good an unlock arcade mode, bombs and more.

Game Center, Sharing

Each of the game’s ten levels features many puzzles to beat, so there’s a good amount of play time available. Game Center is supported, as well as bragging via Facebook and Twitter. For the price of free, you can’t go wrong.

Go Get It!

Download a Chicken Out! and have fun. [1. Plus, your patronage helps keep the pirate ship afloat.] Just don’t blame me if you find yourself humming the song. Click below for more screenshots.

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