You had me until you crushed the box

Shoebox (free) is a clever iPhone app by 1ooo Memories. Its purpose is to digitally archive the shoeboxes many of us have full of random stuff. Old photos, receipts, report cards, drawings. The detritus of family.

Shoebox lets you take a photograph all of it. The app’s edge detection and perspective correction help ensure a good shot. You can even add captions and dates to each image to preserve a bit of its story. Finally, all of the images you create with Shoebox are stored in your iPhone’s Camera Roll and uploaded to, where far-flung friends and family can browse the archive for free.

It’s a great idea. I’ve had a family archive project on the back burner for years. Perhaps this will prompt me to get on with it. There’s so much to a human life, and it ought to be archived for future generations. Even grandma’s recipe for green bean casserole, for instance, is important. We eat it today not because it’s particularly delicious, healthful or memorable, but because it is our responsibility, our duty, to honor a woman who fed her family on a threadbare shoestring budget. A family who became the aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers we know today.

1000 Memories has created a fantastic promo video. It sold me until the shoe crushed the shoebox that held the physical photographs for so long. I love the shoebox! You can watch it after the break.

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