Three reasons to use Gift Plan

It’s December 1st and that means holiday shopping is in full swing. There are many iPhone shopping apps in the App Store, but my hands-down favorite is Gift Plan by Glasshouse Apps. I started using Gift Plan last year and fell in love with it. This week, Glasshouse released version 2.4 and it’s a super update. Here are three reasons to use Gift Plan when shopping with your iPhone.

  1. Tight organization. I can tap any contact’s name and instantly see all of the ideas I’ve generated for him/her, sorted by occasion (birthday, anniversary, Christmas), as well as his/her preferences, important upcoming daters (with countdown) and purchase history.
  2. Simple, fast data entry. I often get gift ideas while I’m out with the eventual recipient. That means I must make a note quickly and covertly. Fortunately, Gift Plan only requires few taps. In fact, I can even just snap a photo if there isn’t time to type. I love that.
  3. The Occasions screen. I forget things. A lot. A whole lot. Gift Plan’s Occasions Screen overs an overview of every gift-giving occasion I created, complete with countdown. I love it.

There’s much more to this fantastic app, so go get it and shop with your iPhone this holiday.

Instead of writing a long-winded review, I’ll opt for simplicity with three reasons to use Gift Plan. You’ll find more mini reviews here.