Sponsor: Twitterrific 5.2 for iOS with push notifications

ad_52TigerBig thanks to the Iconfactory and Twitterriffic 5.2 with push notifications for sponsoring the site this week. Twitterrific is and has been my iOS Twitter client of choice, and version 5.2 with push notifications makes it even better.

This is a feature I’ve wanted for a long time. Now I no longer have to keep a second Twitter client installed simply for the notifications! Goodbye, other apps.

If you want to get in on this, act fast. The Iconfactory is releasing this feature as a public beta, and the first 1,000 users who download the app and enable push will be able to try it out. So download Twitterrific 5.2. now, flick that setting to the on position and enjoy.

Each type of notification has an accompanying, color-coded symbol (below) so you can know exactly what has come in (DM, reply, mention, favorite, retweet or new follower) at a glance. If you dislike the color symbols, they can be turned off (I like them).

Push isn’t the only nice change in this update. Others include:

  • Profiles redesigned to display user banners
  • Discussions can now be shared via email & Storify
  • Droplr thumbnails now display in the timeline
  • The timeline can now display up to 600 tweets (was 400)
  • Various changes to make VoiceOver less verbose
  • Bug fixes, UI tweaks and much more

I’ve used Twitterrific since the beginning and I still believe it’s the way to go. From great new features like push to little niceties like the pull-to-refresh animation, it’s the iOS Twitter app for me. Get it now.