Knowledge leads to application

I had a philosophy professor in college who would conclude long lessons on the world’s great thinkers by asking us how we’d turn his or her ideas into concrete, observable action. Something to physically do. It was a tough exercise but ultimately rewarding.

Today I see many ideas that generate incredible pieces of technology, but few answers to the question, “But what can I DO with this thing?” Friends and family often come to me with their iPad, smartphone, etc. and say, “How can I…” or “Will this thing…” and so on. Fortunately, I love answering those questions. I also suspect that other people have them.

Within the next few weeks, 52 Tiger will answer that question, long-form, on a regular basis. Expect real things you can actually do to improve your day at home and at work. Simple projects — both large and small — that use technology to enhance life at its most significant moments. Like playing with your kids while they’re young and think you are The Most Awesome Person In The World, traveling for work with ease or doing The Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Do.

Technology is supposed to “make our lives easier.” Don’t let the God-forsaken fax machine at work let you believe that was a false promise. Your gadgets are tools, and you are the artful craftsperson. As someone who’s worked in the technology industry for 14 years, first as an IT Director and now as the Managing Editor for one of the Web’s leading tech sites, I can show you how.

Stay tuned.