The Golden Headphone Awards

The great Myke Hurley, who runs the 70 Decibels Podcast Network, recently invited me and the other 70DB [1. That’s what the cool kids call it. Or at least that’s what Hackett told me.] hosts to participate in the network’s first awards episode, the Golden Headphone Awards. It was a lot of fun, despite my having received a posthumous award [2. I’m still alive.]. Check it out and congratulations to Myke on amassing a fine stable of shows.

Incidentally, the new Bro Show logo is gorgeous. Hire Aaron.

Jim Dalrymple on The Bro Show


“I don’t like to have to write a story just to put in a link to another site that has already done a great job on the story. If they’ve done a great job, and I can’t add anything, why would I bother re-writing that?”


Defining the other game

In episode 27 of The Bro Show, Myke, Terry and Patrick discuss the tablets and phones that mean to compete with Apple, including Windows Phone 7. Patrick:

“I don’t think Microsoft is going to be able to…sell Windows Phone 7 to the typical BlackBerry user…those are the people who are constantly looking at their devices. So they’re not going to switch the BlackBerry folks.

They’re not in the iPhone’s game. Apple has written its own game and it’s busy playing it while everyone else is busy trying to figure  out which game they’re playing. The opportunity here [for Microsoft] is to…define a game that competes with Apple’s game.”

I believe that’s precisely what they’ve done. Forget the BlackBerry users. With the current campaign, Microsoft is after the people who loathe smartphone users. The current ads are purely an appeal to emotion; we dislike the drones who are distracted to the point of their own detriment and feel a connection with the possible solution. The “how” doesn’t matter.

Microsoft’s “game” is to offer refuge to those who would use a smartphone but dislike how it supposedly changes one’s behavior. And there are a lot of them.