iCloud Mail, hover states and link cursors [Updated]

Vincent Gosselin writes about the lack of a hover state or link cursor in iCloud’s Mail web app:

“iCloud web apps are used by desktop users. You can’t log in to these apps within Safari using an iOS device. Therefore, mouses and trackpads are the main inputs.

What’s the most useful interactive feedback you can provide to a mouse or trackpad user?

A hover state and a link cursor.

Yet, they are almost nowhere to be seen in the apps.

All buttons have an active (pressed) state. They prioritized active states over hover states, as if the iOS users were the main audience for these web apps.

They’re not.”

I noticed this, too, but still knew that those elements were clickable. Of course, I’m not the service’s main audience, and I see how a home user might consider those elements static. Vincent mocked up a proposed hover state and link cursor for the Mail web app that I’ll let you check out.

Update: Louie Mantia points out the web app’s similarity to the desktop version.