Watermarker for Mac is a handy utility

It’s often necessary to watermark the photos or images you post online. For example, professional photographers and asset sales sites mark demo images so they can’t be used by visitors. Watermarker for Mac ($7.99) makes the process very easy and offers several options. Here’s my look at Watermarker for Mac.

Clean Looks

Watermarker presents a simple window that’s immediately easy to understand. A large content area dominates the center while a toolbar runs along the right-hand side. The top toolbar features two buttons – Open and Save – and is not customizable. It looks nice running full-screen in OS X Lion, though those who dislike the linen may grumble a bit.


Adding an image and marking it up is wonderfully easy. You can either drag-and-drop an image into the well or use the Open command. Your image is nice and large and easy to work with. So, let’s check out the tools.


You can add a bit of watermark text with control over its location, font, position and color. There’s even a button to pop in the “©”, which is great because I always forget where it is on the keyboard.


I dragged my logo into the custom image well and it appeared on my photo instantly. Again, you can change its location and opacity.


Here’s something I would never be able to pull off with an image editor. Click the Strikethrough box to add a strikethrough to your entire image. Its color is customizable.

Finally, you can determine the size of the resulting image upon export and even create presets if you want to do the same thing over and over.

Many of you can probably do this with a tool like Photoshop or Pixelmator. The rest of us are happy to have a simple, low-cost utility that does the dirty work on its own. Watermarker is definitely one of the good ones. Pick it up now and get watermarking.