Week in review for January 11

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Week in review for January 4

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Week in Review April 2 – 6

iPad Mini

John Gruber mentioned that Apple has a “7.85 inch iPad that runs at 1024×768” in its testing labs, and Apple sites went nuts. My first response echos what Jim Dalrymple said on Amplified on Friday: of course Apple is testing a smaller iPad. It’s safe to assume that Apple didn’t ship a 10″ iPad without first testing a slew of other sizes. Further, I don’t doubt that Apple is fiddling with larger and smaller models to this day.

This is how big companies work. Do you think something as beautiful as the Pontiac Aztec just happens?

The question is about Apple’s intention. Will it see a need, a reason, to produce and ship a smaller model? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that Apple won’t ship one without a compelling reason, and “to compete with the Fire” is not a compelling reason.

A.T. Faust III wrote a nice piece in favor of the 7.85-inch screen. Meanwhile, Federico Viticci at MacStories describes the “technological issues, software questions, and market debates” that leave him skeptical.

I’m with Federico. I don’t see why Apple would ship a smaller, less expensive iPad when the current model is selling so well. But Apple has a habit of seeing things I miss.

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Week in review March 19 – 23

Apple’s Mountain of Cash

Photo by Flickr user Kevin Hiscott, used via Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC license

Apple announced its intention to implement a dividend and share repurchase program later this year. The company last issued a dividend in 1995.

On the 19th, Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives held a financial conference call to present the details. Among them were these gems:

  1. The iPad is available in 90 countries.
  2. Last quarter ended with 2.5M iPads in channel inventory. When the guy whose former job was supply management takes over the company, this is what happens.
  3. 357 Apple Stores now open and hosted a record 77.5M visitors last quarter.

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Week in review March 12 – 16

iOS Developers Prepare for Retina Display

Apple’s new iPad will be released in the US today, and developers are preparing their apps for its high-resolution display. As of this writing, the folloing apps are ready to look fantastic on Apple’s Retina display, among others:

  1. Tweetbot for iPad
  2. Twitterrific for iPad
  3. NYTimes for iPad
  4. Amazon Kindle for iPad
  5. Evernote
  6. Day One
  7. Star Walk for iPad
  8. The Early Edition 2
  9. Another Monster at the End of This Book
  10. Real Racing 2 HD (as if this gorgeous app could look any better)

Week in review March 5 – 9

Apple’s Big Week

Phew, what a week. Apple shared several major and minor announcements on March 7, including:

1. A new Apple TV with an updated OS and support for 1080p movies and tighter Netflix integration.
2. A software update for previous-model Apple TVs.
3. iOS 5.1.
4. A new iPad with a Retina display, A5X chipset, and 4G LTE connectivity and voice dictation.
5. Price drop of $100 on the iPad 2.
6. iPhoto for iPad and iPhone 4.
7. Updated Mac apps: iTunes, iPhoto, GarageBand and Xcode.
8. Updated iOS apps: Remote, the iWork Apps, iBooks, Find My iPhone, GarageBand, iMovie.
9. New iOS app iPhoto ($4.99, universal).
10. New Mac app (free) Configurator.
11. Over-the-air App Store download maximum has been bumped to 50 MB.

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