During the Walking Dead break, catch up on We’re Alive

Zombies have invaded American pop culture, and why not? They’re scary, compelling and tap into a primal, universal fear: death itself. Ever since George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead introduced staggering, flesh-starved zombies, audiences have wanted more. Recently, Robert Kirkman’s stellar comic series The Walking Dead has become a hit TV show for AMC, and for good reason. It’s extremely well-done.

There’s another zombie drama in production that you might not have heard of, even though it’s just as good. We’re Alive is an audio drama about an unlikely group of survivors struggling to stay alive in a zombie-infested [1. If they are zombies, that is. It’s still unclear.] Los Angeles. Currently between its second and third season, We’re Alive is a full-on radio drama with professional voice actors, stellar sound effects, great music and compelling writing. This is not amateur hour, folks.

I found We’re Alive in October when it was featured in iTunes among other “scary” podcasts during a Halloween promotion. A month later I had listened to the first two seasons in their entirity.

Each season is comprised of several chapters, and each chapter contains three episodes. An episode is approximately 20 minutes long and new episodes appear once every week/two weeks, depending on the production schedule.

It starts with an Iraqi war veteran, Michael, attending college classes. He’s about to take a quiz when an explosion outside the building grabs his attention. Michael rushes outside to find a chaotic scene and is summond by his superior officer to report to his unit. As he does, he watches as a group of zombies attack and devour a motorist trying to flee. Once at the base, he finds that most of his unit is already gone.

The story goes on from there and it gets better and better. Everything about this show, from the writing to the acting, sound design and characters is top-notch. Fans of zombie horror and radio dramas (like myself) will love it.

The show’s fan-driven, companion podcast, We’re Not Dead, features enthusiastic hosts who reacap each episode, discuss theories and more. A special live episode will air on November 30th during which We’re Alive’s creator, K.C. Wayland, will announce the release date for season three.

I highly recommend checking it out. There’s plenty to time to get caught up. We’re Alive is the real deal.