Windows 7 tablet vs. iPad

Here’s a video of a Windows 7 tablet and an iPad performing similar tasks side-by-side. I couldn’t help but notice 9 ridiculous things while watching.

1. Dig that silky smooth pinch-and-zoom while “Googling” on the Windows machine.

2. Why don’t web pages fit the screen? Every one runs off the top and bottom. It’s good that the Windows tablet loads the pages first, because you’ll need that extra time to resize the page. Hopefully with that super smooth pinch-and-zoom.

3. The keyboard’s transparent background lets the busy wallpaper peek through. The result is ugly visual clutter.

4. Which YouTube (or “You tube!”) layout do you prefer? On the right we have an orderly grid. On the left is the typical YouTube mess.

5. The Windows tablet requires you to dismiss the keyboard when you’re done with it. The iPad hides it automatically when it’s no longer needed. For example, at the 1:18 mark, both users finish typing and begin a search. The iPad puts the keyboard away while the Windows machine lets it continue to hog 1/4 of the screen real estate.

Note again the herky-jerky pinch-and-zoom.

6. I’m no fan of Apple’s Notes app, but I am a fan of uncluttered simplicity. Look at the rows of minuscule icons at the top of the Outlook screen vs. the wide open space of Notes.

7. Watch the Windows device repeatedly refuse to pinch-and-zoom in the Google Earth app.

8. Feature creep! The Windows tablet is as thick as a corned beef reuben to accommodate all of the stuff that’s been crammed into it. Two USB ports, SD card slot, a trackpad (why does it need a touch screen and a trackpad?)  and more dot the edges.

9. The Start Menu. The best part of this video comes when the Windows user tries to accurately click the teeny, tiny text targets of that old Windows favorite, the Start Menu. I don’t know if zooming is possible here, but it ought to be. In the meantime, the iPad easily loads Angry Birds because its icon didn’t require a Start Menu hunting expedition, was easy to recognize and responded to the first tap.

I understand that the machine in this video probably isn’t a finished product, so there may be improvements. Still, I wouldn’t tout it as an iPad killer just yet.