How to create a blogger’s newsroom with IFTTT and WordPress

I’ve been searching for an easy way to move stories I want to blog about from my RSS reader to WordPress for a long time. Thanks to recent changes in IFTTT’s WordPress actions, I can now do exactly that with a single keystroke. I’m elated about this, as it’s going to save me a lot of time. If you write about news, re-blog or comment on interesting stories of the day, you’ll like this, too. Here’s how to create a blogger’s “newsroom” with IFTTT and WordPress.

The setup

Before you begin, you’ll need the following pre-requisites:

  1. A WordPress blog
  2. An IFTTT account
  3. Google Reader for RSS

That’s it. Note that you aren’t required to use Google Reader in a browser. In this tutorial, I’m using Reeder for Mac. All you need is an application capable of starring Google Reader items. Here’s how to set it up.

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Building a blogging newsroom

The act of browsing RSS and Twitter for news stories I’d like the write about, identifying the good ones and finally getting them written, into the CMS and published is cumbersome. As a nerd, I know that an elegant, automated system is possible, yet I haven’t found it. But not for lack of trying.

Right now, I’m tossing “postable” stories into Trello. As a system, it’s OK. There’s lots of copy-and-paste to do, plus I’ve got to keep open in a tab. The resulting list is tidy and well organized, but I’ve still got to move things to WordPress. I can do better.

I’ve been trying to use ifttt with limited success. I’ve got a recipe that will send any item I star in Google Reader to WordPress. That much is awesome. With Reeder for Mac, all I need to do is press a single key — S — and a post is created in WordPress. I love it. But there’s a problem.

Ifttt publishes the WordPress post. I want it to create a draft without publishing. That way, I can star a bunch of posts and have several drafts waiting for me. I tried creating a new user with Contributor privileges, but that caused the ifttt script to fail. I’m still working on it. Tips welcome.