Wren full-screen

I took Wren full-screen in Lion tonight, curious to see how an app with such a small window would handle it, and was pleasantly surprised. Instead of stretching that window to comical proportions, the app centers it against a field of grey linen. It looks nice. Good job, Andrew Ramos and Kevin Smith.

Wren for Twitter is nearly perfect

Wren for Mac was released today. It’s a low-distraction, tweet-only Twitter client that eliminates the timeline entirely. Wren allows you to tweet and save drafts and that’s it. You’ll not see your tweets once posted, nor will you see any mentions, direct messages or anything else from your timeline.

It’s a niche app for sure, and I’m liking it. Twitter excels at sucking users into its time-wasting vortex, and Wren lets you share without being bombarded with incoming tweets. Plus it looks great. The main window features a “pad” of paper and a small storage area for drafts. There are two things, however, I’d like to change.

First is the number of drafts it holds. Right now, Wren will store three draft tweets. I understand that Wren isn’t Birdhouse for the Mac, but if you’re going to let me store drafts, let me store as many as I like.

Also, the app quits when its window is closed. You can configure a hot key to bring it to the front, but I’d like to hide the window entirely until I need it.

I give Wren an 8 out of 10 as it stands now. My requests would kick it up to a 10. Wren is available now from the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $4.99.