Taking great travel photos with your iPhone


The iPhone is not a replacement for a DSLR but for most of us, it’s the camera we have almost all the time. It’s light, convenient and capable of taking great travel photos. Travis Marshall at Away.com has listed several great tips for getting great travel photos with an iPhone.

He spoke with Kirsten Alana, a professional travel blogger and photographer whose work has appeared on Gadling among other places. Her best advice: look for good light and get close:

“The most obvious differences between iPhone and DSLR cameras are the lack of capability in low light, the lack of actual (not digital) zoom, and the file size difference.”

Alana suggests iPhoneographers look for good lighting and “zoom with their feet” but getting nice and close to their subjects.

Lisa Bettany, pro photographer, author and co-founder of the Camera+ iPhone app, suggests changing your perspective and looking for an interesting composition:

“I also find that getting low to the ground and pointing the camera upward, or taking pictures through fences or leaves helps me get interesting photos.”

If you have one you’d like to share, let me know at [comments at 52tiger dot net]. I’d love to feature it.