Tales of a summer custodian: prologue


Join me as I blog my gig as a custodian.

In February 2016 I lost my job and man alive, I have not been able to find work. Thanks to  some writing gigs and the podcast I managed to just keep my head above water. I also sent out more resumes and cover letters than I recall right now. All of that ends on July 5 when I go to work as a temporary custodian in my local school district.

And I’m going to write all about it.

On Tuesday I’ll wake up at 5:00 AM and head out to the school. It’s a big campus with four or five buildings and a whole lot of summer cleaning that needs to be done. Watch as this out-of-shape writer does more manual labor that he’s seen in a very long time. Read along as I unpack my brown bag lunch. Gaze in amazement as, well, I perform some honest, blue collar work that will get the campus in top shape so that the faculty and staff can do their jobs in September.

I’m looking forward to it, actually. Earning a paycheck and doing some work. Check back every day for a new tale. I’ll see you then.

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