The iOS feature I’m still waiting for [Updated]

Almost 1 year ago, Craig Hockenberry published an open letter to Steve Jobs. He wrote, in part:

“My iPad has a lot of personal information on it: emailbusiness documents, and financial data. When you pass it around, you’re giving everyone who touches it the opportunity to mess with your private life, whether intentionally or not. That makes me uneasy.

I can envision several ways to solve this problem: either with a traditional login screen or with something new like folders that require a passcode to open. I have no doubt that your designers can find something elegant that gives me peace of mind as I share my iPad with friends and family.”

It hasn’t happened yet, unfortunately. Neither has my similar request. I occasionally hand my iPhone to my kids so that they can play one of the many games in the App Store intended for them. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to prevent them from navigating away from that app and availing themselves to anything else the iPhone can do. I’d love to see a pass code or something else that would keep them “locked” in that app.

Update: Mark Dagon Hughes suggests using the iPhone’s Parental Controls to get the job done. I’ll try it out.