The iPhone apps I actually use

Last week I decided to monitor the iPhone apps I use most often. I suspected that certain ones would top the list, but suspicion and data are different things. I noted which apps I launched each day and kept a record. Now, a week later, here are the apps I launced on my iPhone last week.

Note that an app only needed to be launced once to make the list. This week I’ll keep track of how often each app is launched.
1. Mail
2. Twitterrific
3. Path
4. Messages
5. Reminders
6. Camera
7. Photos
8. Safari
9. Ambiance
10. Birdhouse
11. Calendar
12. Facebook
13. Gift Plan

That’s it. There are a few interesting things to note. First, all of these apps can fit on my homescreen with room to spare. Second, I didn’t launch the phone app once. Finally, 50% of the apps on that list ship with the iPhone.

It’s an intersting practice and I encourage you to try it. Note the apps you actually lauch during the day and which are just sitting around.