The Mac App Store

Here are a few quick thoughts on the Mac App Store.

I think this is the first I’ve seen software from Apple without preferences. What’s really odd is that if you go to your account info, you’ll find an empty settings area.

![Screen Shot 2011 01 06 at 8.40.44 pm](

The animation of an app “jumping” into the dock to download is cute, and I like the progress bar, but I don’t necessarily want every app to live in the Dock. Yes, it only takes a second to correct, but still.

I’d like to take advantage of the store’s update mechanism for apps I purchased prior to the store’s release, but suspect I won’t be able to “hook” them in somehow.

The Aqua scroll bar is dated. Compare it below to iPhoto (middle) and iTunes (background). True, other Mac apps like iChat, iCal and even the Finder use Aqua scroll bars, but I figured the Mac App Store would resemble other recent Apple software, like iPhoto ’11 and iTunes 10.

![Screen Shot 2011 01 06 at 8.47.11 pm](

Perhaps my eyes are failing as I age, but the prices are hard to read. White text on a field of light grey doesn’t offer much contrast.

![Screen Shot 2011 01 06 at 8.51.52 pm](

Enough complaining. I love the purchase history screen; it’s much nicer than the pile of apps the iOS App Store crams into iTunes. Also, apps are very easy to find, as the store is only doing one thing, like a quaint boutique. Meanwhile, its sibling iTunes has morphed into The Mall of America on Black Friday.

Finally, I purchase Mac software much less frequently than I buy iOS software, and I don’t expect that to change with the Mac App Store’s release. For now I’m glad to have a convenient, attractive, curated place to shop. Congratulations to Apple and all the developers who launched apps today.