Things to do in San Francisco

I’m not in San Francisco for Macworld | iWorld this year, but I know several of you are. When I do visit the area, I always visit the following places. Yes, most of them are restaurants, but I’m a fat guy, so you should’t be surprised. Once you’ve exhausted yourself on the expo floor, unwind at one of these great locations.

Red’s Java House, Pier 30

A great place to get a delicious, greasy burger without free-range localvores staring you down for eating a cooked cow. The simple menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, fries and a few basic sandwiches. It’s not gourmet but a good prescription for those whose arteries are a little too free-flowing.

Mehfil Indian Cuisine 600 Folsom Street

I love good Indian food and Mehfil does not disappoint. You can’t go wrong with the menu, and the open kitchen adds a bit of theatre to your evening. Order a Sweet Lassi and think of me.

Scoma’s Restaurant Pier 47 on Al Scoma Way

A bit pricey, Scoma’s offers fantastic seafood and Italian dishes. The view is beautiful is well, so go before sunset to enjoy the Pacific Ocean.

Blue Bottle Coffee 66 Mint Street

I’m not a coffee fan but almost everyone else in the world is, so I inevitably end up at the Blue Bottle with friends (fortunately they serve tea, too).  It’s got a great atmosphere, good snacks and I’m told great coffee. Plus you get to look at this thing.

Mel’s Drive-In Diner 801 Mission Street

When I’m in San Francisco, every morning starts at Mel’s. Conveniently located to the Marscone, Marriott and Palomar,  Mel’s offers delicious diner-style breakfasts, kitchy 50’s decor and the fastest busboys you’ve ever seen.

The Thirsty Bear 661 Howard Street

This great place brews its own beer in an on-site brewery. I’m pretty sure you won’t find their brews anywhere else, and they’re worth the trip. The last time I was there, we got a tour of the basement brewery, which was a lot of fun.

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