Tim Cook speaking at D10

Tim Cook will kick off D10 2012 by talking with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. The event will not be streamed live to the net, but I will be pulling choice quotes from various live blogs and sharing them here. Enjoy!

The State of Apple

“Never before have I seen — the things I can’t talk about today — the juices are flowing.”

“I believe we’re in the first inning with the iPad.”

“Our North Star is to make the best product. Our goal isn’t to make the design for this price point or this schedule, or line up other things, or to have x number of phones. It’s to build the best. There’s not a policy or commandment that ‘I shalt have one phone…’, it’s about making the best. If we find we can do more than one…but do we have to?”

The Mac

“Mac has always been about making the best product, not the most. We’re never going to make the most personal computers. I don’t see that. But we are going to continue to make the best.”

On the legacy of Jobs

“I learned a lot from Steve. It was one of the saddest days of my life when he passed away. Maybe as much as you should see or predict that… I really didn’t. At some point late last year, someone shook me and said, it’s time to get on. So that sadness was replaced with this intense determination.

What did I learn from him? We could be here all night. I learned that focus is key — in a company and your personal life. You can only do so many things great, and you should cast aside the rest. I learned that owning the tech is important. Doing things great — not accepting good, but only the very best.

That’s embedded in Apple. We have a culture of excellence that’s so unique. I’m not going to witness or permit the change of that. He also taught me that the joy is in the journey, and he taught all of us that life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow, so give it all you got.”

“Steve was a visionary. My role was never to replace him. He was an original. I don’t think there’s another one of those being made. I’ve never felt the weight of trying to be Steve. It’s not who I am and it’s not my goal in life. I am who I am, and I’m focused on that, and being a great CEO of Apple.”

On the Suppliers

“We did annual reviews [of suppliers]. I think we were very transparent, but now we’re doing monthly reports.”

“We’ve taken a position on overtime — some people want to work more, to bring home more money to their families — and we’re really enforcing this. We’re micromanaging that. We’re doing it in a way, we’re showing a level of care that I don’t see in other places. This is an area where I hope people rip us off wildly.”

On patents

“[Patents are] a pain in the ass.”

On iOS vs. Android

I think we have the best phone. You have two OSs that make up the vast majority… it’s iOS and Android. You have WIndows Mobile now beginning to ship and we’ll see how they do. And you have RIM that is still serving some large number of enterprise customers. But the momentum right now is in the first two. Will that change? I think that anything can change. The smartphone revolution is still in the early stages. When you look at this, it’s a billion unit market in 3 years from now. And a few years after that, I’m not sure you’ll see any phones that aren’t smartphones.

On Apple TV

“Last year we sold 2.8M Apple TVs. This year, in the first six months, we’ve sold 2.7.”

“I think we have very good relationships with [Hollywood] content owners. We don’t want their stuff to be ripped off. A whole generation thought [digital stuff] should be free, and if that continued, you won’t have any artists anymore. That’s not good for any of us. I think that they view us positively because we do care. These guys have been buying Macs forever. Still most movies are edited on a Mac. So these are longtime Apple customers that were with Apple before iPod, before iPhone, before iPad. So there is a level of trust in those relationships.”

On Apple’s relationship with Facebook

“We want to provide customers a simple way to do what they want to do. Facebook has millions of customers. We want them to have the best experience on our platform. So stay tuned.?

On Siri

“Customers love [Siri]. It’s one of the most popular features of our most popular phone. But there’s more that it can do. And we have a lot of people working on this. And I think you’ll be really pleased with some of the things that you’ll see in the coming months, where the breadth that you’re talking about… we’ve got some cool ideas about what Siri can do. And so we have a lot going on on this.”

On “The new iPad”

“Lot of people ask me that about iPad. If you look back at iPod, we had an iPod and we changed it a few times and we kept calling it iPod. And when we announced a new one and we called it iPod mini. And when we changed it massively we called it nano. And Shuffle too. Every iteration, we still called it iPod shuffle.”