Tune out and benefit

Iain Broome has discusses how eschewing technology for a week benefited his own writing:

“I’ve found it really tough to concentrate on [new ideas] while allowing myself to be bombarded by constant messages and constant flow of information that I get by being a writer who operates online.”

I completely agree, and had a similar experience while in Maine last December with no Internet access, music or television. By the time I got home, I had pages of new ideas written down.

As a writer who finds much of his source material online, I’m constantly reading, evaluating what I’ve read and, on some occasions, responding to it. This internal processing leaves little room for the kind of creative thought that Iain discovered in France.

In fact, I’m convinced that Twitter is making me dumber.

Of course, you needn’t go away on vacation to reap the rewards, as Iain explains. A weekend or even a day spent unplugged and in a quiet setting can be beneficial. Try it out and enjoy.