Watercolor: loose natural landscape

I’ve been following along with several watercolor tutorials on Domestika and they’re very, very good. So far I’ve done one on creating a travel journal with artist Alicia Aradilla. That course’s final project kicked my butt but I’m going to try it again.

I also completed two courses with artist Daniel “Pito” Campos whose loose style I really like. Specifically, Natural Landscapes in Watercolor and Urban Landscapes in Watercolor. Below is my progress on the former’s final project.

Pito paints in layers, or “stains” as he calls them, and it’s fun to see a painting go from a very rough pencil sketch to the “mess” that always is the first layer to the gradual emergence of details in subsequent layers. I’ve picked up many techniques and tips I’ll use on future projects. Someday I’ll be brave enough to paint a photo of my own without guidance, but I’m not there yet.

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