What’s making me happy this week – Aug 10

A look at what’s making me happy this week, and how you can enjoy them, too. . You’ll find an archive of my “happy picks” here

Steve 1989’s YouTube channel

I really enjoy watching someone share that one thing they absolutely love. Steve, the man behind the channel, loves military rations.

As of this writing, he has produced 165 videos of himself exploring MREs and other military rations from various countries, battles, time periods and climates. While it is admittedly interesting to see what’s in an authentic 1943 WW2 British RAF Emergency Flying Ration, what’s even more appealing is Steve’s obvious, unbridled enthusiasm.

Every old chocolate bar he unwraps, every bouillon cube he dissolves in a tin, every dehydrated cheese bar he explores elicits a “Wow,” “Amazing,” “Nice,” or “This is incredible” and his enthusiasm is totally infectious.

Yes, a part of the appeal is watching him eat food that’s 74 years old (see above), but really I’m in it for the sheer pleasure of watching someone share something he loves.

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