What’s making me happy this week, March 21


A look at what’s making me happy this week, and how you can enjoy them, too. You’ll find an archive of my “happy picks” here.

A man, a wizard and a shape-shifting badger walk into a bar.

My favorite thing this week is the podcast Hello from the Magic Tavern. It’s a hilarious, fantasy-based improv comedy show that’s set up like this: Host Arnie fell through a magical portal behind a Chicago Burger King into the magical land of Foon. Fortunatley he had his podasting equipment with him, which he uses to record a weekly podcast from the tavern The Vermillion Minotaur, in the town of Hog’s Face in the land of Foon.

Each week Arnie and his cohosts — a blustery wizard named Usidore (his full name is too long to type here) and a shape-shifter who usually resembles a badger named Chunt — add to the “canon” of the show by introducing facts, guests and an ever-evolving backstory.

It’s not for everyone. You might find it annoying. It’s a bit NSFW. But boy, is it funny. The characters are fun and engaging. I especially like when the actors push each other into some tricky improv bit while remaining in character.

If you listen, start from the beginning, as  you’ll appreciate the in-jokes and references as the show goes on. You’ll love it, bay-beee!

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