What’s this?

52 Tiger is the realization of an idea I had long ago. In 2005 I told a friend, “I want to write about Apple for a living.” Thanks to Aol, I’ve been doing that at TUAW, and I love it. I’ve gained a bit of an audience (let me say, “Hello!” if you read my work at TUAW) and increased my writing skills significantly. I have tremendous gratitude for everyone over there, especially Mike Rose and Victor Agreda, whom I’ve known the longest and have always supported me. Thanks, guys.

Recently I re-listened to the talk that Merlin Mann and John Gruber gave at SxSW in 2009. Two things struck me. First, Merlin said (I’m paraphrasing), if you’re going to do something, do the shit out of it. For years I thought, “Someday I’ll have an opportunity to write long-form articles about Apple for obsessed fans who appreciate the value of taking time to sit quietly and read.”

What was I waiting for? That day is today. It’s right now.

I was also struck when John said that he means to “…own every pixel” of Daring Fireball. I absolutely get that, and I want to own all of 52 Tiger, from the upper left-hand corner to the bottom right.

My promise to you

It’s simple: I will bust my ass. Expect thoughtful articles about Apple’s hardware and software. My wife often tells me, “Your voice changes when you talk about Apple. Your whole body posture changes. You become a different person.” That person will be here every day.

What do I ask in return?

I ask for the most valuable thing you have: attention. If an article looks interesting, send it to Instapaper and when your schedule permits, offer a few minutes of your time to me. You’ll find that I’ve worked to make each and every post worth your attention.

This is what I want to do with my life, and hopefully it will support my family. If you like 52 Tiger, tell a friend. Tweet an article. Share a link. I’ll appreciate it tremendously.

One final thing: This is the last post of this type that you’ll ever see here. If you got this far, you’re probably the type of person who sits through PBS pledge drives. Thank you.

Now, let’s talk about Apple.