Whoopsie Daisey

I’m still stunned by all the lying Mike Daisey has apparently done. Gruber points out two examples. From CBS Sunday Morning, January 29, 2012:

“Daisey went to Shenzhen. Foxconn wouldn’t let him in, so he stood outside the main gate with his translator, talking to workers at shift change. ‘In my first two hours of my first day at that gate, I met workers who are 14 years old,’ Daisey said. ‘I met workers who were 13 years old. I met workers who were 12. Do you really think Apple doesn’t know?'”

Never happened.

In an op-ed piece Daisey wrote for the New York Times, he said:

“I have traveled to southern China and interviewed workers employed in the production of electronics. I spoke with a man whose right hand was permanently curled into a claw from being smashed in a metal press at Foxconn, where he worked assembling Apple laptops and iPads. I showed him my iPad, and he gasped because he’d never seen one turned on.”

Never happened.

The problem isn’t that Daisey bent the truth in the name of entertainment during his stage show (which he recently released under an open license). It’s that he blatantly and knowingly lied to the New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning and This American Life. That’s not “a tool of theatre,” Mike. That’s called lying.