Why 52 Tiger has no comments

Much has been said about blogs with comments vs. those without. My motivation is simpler than Gruber’s: I have no patience for most commenters.

Take this thread on TUAW as an example. In the very first sentence of the post, my colleague Mike Rose says, “…chances are the jailbreak was done at the behest of Jimmy Kimmel Live producers so that they could get TV out from the phone and put it up on the big display.”

Then read comment number four…

“It was jailbroken so TVOut would work correctly.”

number five…

“Yeah, so Stevie J must (in essence) Jailbreak his to demo them at the iPhone events, then right? So I guess it’s OK. All this was doing is enabling something they show it capable of doing without ever clearly stating you can’t do it yourself.”

…and number six:

“They made a good point over at engadget regarding this; notice the app right after cydia is TVoutTuner, which is necessary for displaying the iphone on the big screen. If I had to guess, Jimmy Kimmels producer did this in order to project his phone.”

Clearly, these commenters didn’t finish reading (or didn’t comprehend) the very first sentence before leaving an uninformed and unnecessary comment. Their remarks are met with snide comebacks from those who did read the full post, which only elicit more nasty remarks from the original commenters. The whole thread then devolves into adolescent name-calling which has nothing to do with the original post.

This happens daily.

By contrast, the people who take the time to send me an email always have something constructive and useful to say. By requiring some effort — launch an email client, compose your thoughts and hit send — I’ve eliminated the knee-jerk impulsivity that blog comments foster.