Your iPhone can help avoid tourist scams


Wendy Perrin explains how she fell victim to a group tour scam while visiting Grenada, and offers advice to help others avoid the same. Wendy, her husband and another couple took a taxi-and-tour of Grenada’s beautiful landscape, at the cost of $160. Each couple paid $80 and enjoyed the tour. At the end, when they were being dropped off at their separate departure points, the driver insisted on another $80. After a bit of back-and-forth, Wendy realized she was in an impossible he said/she said scenario, and paid the man his $80.

Wendy offers advice on avoiding this situation yourself, like insisting on a receipt at the moment of payment. If that’s impossible, she says, pull out your iPhone:

“If the driver can’t or won’t provide a receipt, film the transaction with your iPhone or videocamera. Before this incident, I would have considered it rude, but now I wish I had done so.”

Good advice.

Photo Credit: Ruth L via Compfight cc